The Main Types of Garage Doors

The Main Types of Garage Doors

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Garage doors have evolved significantly during the last three decades. The changes witnessed have been mainly due to the availability of new technology that seeks to make more efficient and better doors. In general, the different types of garage doors differ in several key ways including the way they operate, their functionality and bespoke features. There are three basic types of garage gates that are often used by home owners and business enterprises.The Main Types of Garage Doors

The up and over garage door

This type of door opens by swinging outwards before rising up to rest parallel to the garage ceiling. It uses a spring and roller mechanism to move both ways. Heavy doors will usually have a retractable gear installed to provide the large force needed to lift them. The up and over gates open the full doorway, are fast and are generally easy to install. Their main disadvantage is that they require a lot of space and are therefore only ideal for places where space is not a problem.

Overhead garage doors

This type of door opens upwards without swinging outwards. It employs a mechanism of springs, rollers and tracks to open up and close down. You can open it manually by pulling the gate up or by using remote control. This type of gate is very common mainly because of its two attractive features. First, the door does not swing outwards, meaning that you can park your car right next to the door before opening it. Secondly, you can enjoy a higher height especially if you have a tall vehicle.

Roller garage doors

If you have a short driveway, this would be the most suitable door for you. The gate rolls up using a roller mechanism and does not swing outwards. More often than not, the gates come with an automated remote control which enables them to operate smoothly. This reduces the frictional damage and consequently the sound produced. The remote mechanism also enables you to open the gate without stepping out of the car.

Each type of the garage doors discussed above may also have several variations. For instance, it is possible to have a roller gate made of steel or fiber glass. In addition, most of these doors usually come with different kinds of finishes.  It is therefore possible to find the type of door that would perfectly meet your needs.

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